Fast Swing Barrier Model FSB-211

Fast Swing Barrier Model FSB-211

The fast swing barrier Model FSB-211 adopts the advanced brushless servo motor driving device. The speed is very fast which can be adjusted from 0.5 to 0.7 seconds.

There are 6 pairs of infrared photocell per set of fast swing barrier, ensuring that the channel is not only efficient but also safe.

Support verification of multiple access methods such as QR code, fingerprint, face recognition, ID/IC card, and keep always open mode.


Features of Fast Swing Barrier

★ Latest generation of industrial-grade ARM control system, adding functions such as multi-function digital setting and encryption.

★ Support alway open mode during peak hours (optional function).

★ Maintenance-free DC brushless motor, latest digital positioning technoology, electronic anti-collision module.

★Automatic protection function: When the external force stop the normal movement of the swing arm, and the external force is continuous, the system will automatically detect it and automatically change to sleep mode after 20 seconds.

★ Mean Cycles between Failures ≥ 5 million times.

★ Double intelligent mechanical anti-pinch technology, anti-collision. function, ensuring the safety of pedestrian.

★ All electrical modules use a safe voltage below 24V to prevent pedestrians from being injured by electric shock.

★ Unattended: the swing arm automatically keep opening when the power is off, and automatically resets when the power is on.

★ The swing arm will be rotated at a certain angle to buffer, and then locked immediately if there is a forced entry. Completely avoid the problems of broken swing arm and damage to the motor that occur in traditional swing gates.

★ Anti-reverse function: During the reset process of the swing arm, if an external force occurs to reverse the swing arm, the swing arm will automatically start the reverse thrust and send out an alarm. After the external force disappears, it will automatically return to position and resume.

★ Alarms can be uploaded to the background management system through the serial port. It can be linked with other security systems.

★ Only two cables required, which simplifies the installation and is easy to maintain.

★ Fault self-checking function, it can alarm when there is an error.

★ It can be connected with any control signal, push button or remote control output from any equipment to realize single- and two-way control access.

Product Specification

Function parameterDescription
Infrared detection6 pairs of infrared photocell per set
Pass frequency30-35 people/minute
Fire alarm connectionAutomatically unlock the swing arm when the power is off
Anti-pinch detectionInfrared anti-pinch, mechanical anti-pinch
Retrograde detectionReverse break-in detection
Alarm methodSound and light
Performance parameterDescription
MotorBrushless DC motor
Cabinet Material1.5mm thickness 304 stainless steel
Swing arm material10mm acrylic
Service life≥5 million times
Working voltage220V input; 24V output
Weight45kg (single motor)
Voice functionBuilt-in amplifier and speakers
Lane width600-750mm
Closing accuracy≤1 degree
Working environment-20℃-60℃;Working humidity: 5%–80%
Protection levelIP54
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