Tripod Turnstile

Tripod Turnstile

There are 6 pairs of infrared photocell per set of tripod turnstile, which can detect the pull rod of suitcase, ensuring that the channel is not only efficient but also safe.

The surface of the top cover and inspection panel  are in matte black color by powder coating.

Support verification of multiple access methods such as QR code, fingerprint, face recognition, ID/IC card, and keep always open mode.

Standard 304 stainless steel, simple design and beautiful.

The tripod turnstile is produced by advanced technology ensures the reliability of long-term operation. It can be widely used in residential areas, universities, office buildings and other places.


Features of Tripod Turnstile

★ ADC12 aluminum alloy pedestal; can be used outdoors, waterproof IP65.

★ Mechanical structure transmission/semi-automatic transmission mode is adopted, so that the tripod turnstile locks at zero position and unlocks more accurately and reliably.

★ The whole system runs smoothly, with low noise and no mechanical impact. Sound and light alarm function.

★ It has a memory function, which can remember other people’s card swiping situation when one person’s card swiping has not passed.

★ Automatic recovery, in the locked state, it has the function of dropping the tripod when the power is off, and automatically raise up the tripod when the power is on.

★ There are a variety of working modes to choose from, two-way card reading, or one side can read the card, and the other direction is prohibited; or one side can read the card, and the other direction is free to pass, and the working mode of the gate can be set through the control panel button. No need to change the mechanical structure.

Product Specification

Function parameterDescription
Infrared detection6 pairs of infrared photocell
Pass frequency40-60 people/minute
Fire alarm connectionAutomatically unlock the swing arm when the power is off
Anti-pinch detectionInfrared anti-pinch, mechanical anti-pinch
Retrograde detectionReverse break-in detection
Alarm methodSound and light
Indicator colorBlue
Flap indicator colorRed/Green
InterfaceRS485/232, distance≤1200m
Performance parameterDescription
MotorBrushless DC motor
Cabinet Material1.5mm thickness stainless steel 304
Flap arm material10mm acrylic
Side panel material10mm acrylic
Service life≥8 million times
Working voltage220V input; 24V output
Weight40kg (single motor)
Voice functionBuilt-in amplifier and speakers
Lane width550mm
Closing accuracy≤1 degree
Working environment-30℃-70℃
Working humidity ≤90%RH, no condensation
Protection levelIP56
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