ANPR/LPR Parking Guidance System

ANPR/LPR Camera Parking Guidance System

Main Components:

Video Camera Detector, Network Controller,

Car Finding Kiosk, Indoor LED display,

Outdoor LED display, Server, Switch

The Benefits of Parking Guidance System

★ Efficiency and Reliability:

The PGS recognizes and helps the driver to find the available space quickly. Its help to identify the vacant space and guide through them. The system not only helps us find the vacant spaces but also analyzes how these spaces can be optimized.

★ Optimal Utilization of Parking Space:

The PGS helps the driver and owner fill up the spaces systematically. Thus, you can utilize the space efficiently. These spaces are manageable and the PGS checks repeatedly for the availability. By using this we can arrange our space flexible and use them in a better way.

★ Time-saving:

When vehicles are moving in and out of a parking zone, the right PGS can assist drivers in finding a place where they can park their vehicles. Therefore this system can help a lot in saving time.

★ User Friendly:

The LED display real-time data helps the user to park the car easily and faster than the usual. The PGS collect and organizes the information so that every user can easily read the LED display information and pass through the system.

Environment Friendly:

The CO2 emissions are reduced significantly and hence the system is environment friendly because of the faster, better and efficient parking lot by using smart PGS.

System Diagram of ANPR/LPR PGS

1st Function: Video Parking Guidance

HD Images Capturing & High Recognition Accuracy
★ Designed to meet various parking garage environments.
★ It supports 2304*1296-pixel resolution,meaning it can accurately detect the car presence even in a bad lighting condition.
★ More than 99% parking status detection accuracy.

Dual-len Camera for 6 Lots

★ Work as 24×7 CCTV for car security monitoring.

★ Storage of real time network data and retrieval of visual evidences to mitigate disputes from collisions or theft.

★ Built-in illuminated LED indicator for occupancy and vacancy parking space.

2nd Function: Find Your Car (Optional)

Find Your Car within 5 Seconds

1. Customers can easily find their cars via kiosks placed near elevators or by mobile app.

2. Input Vehicle Plate No. on the kiosk, the kiosk will immediately give you the level, zone, parking lot no. and directions to the car from your current location.

3. With 21.5′ LCD touch screen,support to postcommercial adds here to increase car park profits.

Find your Car on Kiosk
The system will display the shortest route to help driver find their car on kiosk display

Find your Car on Mobile

Firstly, input your license Plate No.

Secondly, confirm the plate number

Find your car by Route.

3rd Function: CCTV Survellience (Optional)

1. All cameras of the system also can function as surveillance cameras, providing continuous streams and archiving 24 hours a day,7 days a week.(This function needs to add Network Video Recorder and HDD).

2. Video can be stored for a certain period (i.e. 15 days) and can be able to be retrieved on demand.

Detection & Survellience as One Unit

Video camera not only detects the parking status, but also can detect nearby vehicles and provide HD recording.

Events Visible Track
In case of vehicles scratch,stolen, car parkcan retrieve the video for evidence and guarantee car park security.
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