ANPR/LPR Parking Management System

ANPR/LPR Parking Management System

ANPR stands for Automatic Number Plate Recognition.

LPR stands for License Plate Recognition.

Fast entry & exit

Diverse parking payments way

Advantages of ANPR/LPR Parking Management System

★Fast entry and exit

The system eliminates the need for drivers to stop and take / validate a ticket, reducing the time it takes to enter and exit the parking lot. This results in a better user experience and can reduce congestion during busy times.

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★Diverse parking payments way

Driver can use their mobile phones to scan the parking lot’s QR code or open a mobile payment app, enter their license plate number, and prepay for parking to reduce the time spent queuing to pay for parking.

★Cost savings and increased revenue

ANPR PMS eliminates the need for physical parking hardware, such as ticket dispensers and checkers, reducing the initial investment cost.

With ANPR PMS, there is no need to purchase and distribute paper tickets or Bluetooth cards, which can save costs in the long run. ANPR PMS requires less installation and maintenance compared to traditional parking systems.

The use of ANPR technology can also improve parking efficiency, leading to increased revenue from more cars being able to park in the same space.

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★Reduction in parking lot staff

24/7 fully automated parking system reduces the need for human staff at the parking lot.

Automated system handles tasks that would have been done by human staff, such as ticket checking, fee collection, and parking management.

Reduction in the need for human staff reduces the cost of labor for parking lot operators.

Automated systems can make parking lot operations more efficient.

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★More environmentally friendly

ANPR systems can help reduce paper waste in parking lots, making them more environmentally friendly.

The use of ANPR systems can also help minimize the time vehicles spend idling, reducing the amount of emissions generated by cars.

Improved air quality surrounding the parking lot.

More environmentally friendly

★Parking space reservation

Reserve a parking space through plate No.

Navigate to the reserved parking space

Alert when the parking space is occupied

Automatic payment of parking fees


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Cloud Based Parking Management System

  • The components of  ticketless LPR/ANPR parking management system mainly include: Parking barriers, ANPR cameras, LED screens, automatic payment stations, etc.
  • Cloud connectivity, reduced server costs, easy maintenance and updates.
  • “Ticketless”, “touchless” and “non-cash payment”. 
  • Provide customized solutions 
  • Open API for third party integration

Centralized Management Platform

  • Centralized parking management platform for business analysis/statistics
  • Performance statistics: turnover, payment methods, parking duration, different customer groups (Seasonal parking car, hourly parking car, reservation, etc.)
  • Traffic flow statistics: entry and exit times, entry/exit traffic flow, exit congestion, parking space occupancy
  • Support for customization

Mobile App to manage your carpark anytime, anywhere

Smart parking APP that facilitates parking managers to manage parking, vehicles, finance and other operations anytime and anywhere。

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