Ultrasonic Parking Guidance System

Front Ultrasonic Sensor Parking Guidance System

Main Components: Ultrasonic Sensor, Zone Controller, Central Controller, Indoor LED display, Outdoor LED display, PC

The Benefits of Parking Guidance System

★Efficiency and Reliability:

The PGS recognizes and helps the driver to find the available space quickly. Its help to identify the vacant space and guide through them. The system not only helps us find the vacant spaces but also analyzes how these spaces can be optimized.

★Optimal Utilization of Parking Space:

The PGS helps the driver and owner fill up the spaces systematically. Thus, you can utilize the space efficiently. These spaces are manageable and the PGS checks repeatedly for the availability. By using this we can arrange our space flexible and use them in a better way.


When vehicles are moving in and out of a parking zone, the right PGS can assist drivers in finding a place where they can park their vehicles. Therefore this system can help a lot in saving time.

★User Friendly:

The LED display real-time data helps the user to park the car easily and faster than the usual. The PGS collect and organizes the information so that every user can easily read the LED display information and pass through the system.

★Environment Friendly:

The CO2 emissions are reduced significantly and hence the system is environment friendly because of the faster, better and efficient parking lot by using smart PGS.

System Diagram of Front Ultrasonic Sensor Parking Guidance System

Why you need a parking guidance system for basement car park

1) Car park operator doesn’t know how many vacant spaces are available, have to hire staff for checking.

2) Drivers can’t quickly park their cars on the vacant spaces after entering the car park, have to drive around and cause traffic jams.

3) Car park needs to assign staff for guiding drivers to vacant spaces, increase car park management costs.

4) Car park manager cannot calculate daily traffic flow, unable to improve parking resource, which resulting

in low car park usage rate.

Main Entrance Outdoor LED Display

Main entrance LED display shows vacant parking spaces of each floor before drivers enter car park. Before the drivers go into the car park,they can see the available parking spaces on the Outdoor LED Display and know which floor they should drive to.

Indoor LED Display

The Indoor LED Display installed in the turning points will show real-time vacant spaces of each specific zone, area and floor.

Forward Mounting Sensor

Once a vehicle is parked on thespace, LED Indicator shows green for vacancy, red for occupancy.

Zone Controller

Zone Control Unit receives the parking status from Forward Mounting Sensor to Server.Then the Indoor LED Display installed in the turning points will show real-time vacant spaces of each specific zone,area and floor.

Management Software of Parking Guidance System

On the Back-end software the car park manager can see real-time parking occupancy, vacancy, parking usagetime of every parking space and support to customize reports. Support to open data socket/API for the 3rd party to call data for integration with parking management system.

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